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The certification of high-tech and Innovation enterprise

Shenzhen Tousei technology Co.Ltd. got the certification of high-tech and Innovation enterprise secessfully on Oct. 10 th. 2018 Our company has own R&D team, F...

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Bank cards/Credit cards payment of PT7003

PT7003 POS terminal can read bank cards and credit cards for payment, which has readed the local bank cards of Mexico, Korea,Kenya, Bolivia at present.

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Scale production - WSP-i 451

Tousei will begin mass production of the WSP-i 451 4-inch printer in January 2019. It is the first 4-inch printer independently developed by Tousei. It is unlim...

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Successfully obtained KC KTC certifications

Tousei successfully obtained the Korean KC and KTC certifications to meet the needs of specific markets more comprehensively at November. This is also an affirm...

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Export the first batch Crypto payment pos terminal

Tousei Technology Co.Ltd exported the first batch of Crypto pos terminal machines last month. Tousei pos terminals comply with international security payment st...

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Successfully obtained EMV L,L2 Certification

After the concerted efforts of colleagues from Shenzhen Tousei Technology Co.Ltd, the PT7003 pos machine got the MEV L1, L2 certificate in 2018, in line with in...

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The Tousei precision industry infuses new blood with the updated pt-7004 sam...

In 2017, the company analyzed the environment, the industry situation, and the competitive product situation, and then analyzed the situation of the situa...

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The sales volume of PT-7003 products exceeded 10,000.

Company from establishment to now, has been adhering to the excellent service, excellent product technology, delivery on time delivery cycle, make seiko...

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