Company culture

Corporate purpose: focus on quality

Business Goal

With low cost to meet customers‘ needs while achieving the value of ourselves.

Business principle

        Innovative, rigorous, pragmatic, concentration

Corporate values

 satisfy customer

       TOUSEI is always dominated by users, not only to meet users‘ needs, but also to create users‘ needs, constantly break through and improve themselves.

      cooperation and mutual benefits

       Each employee creates value for the user by constantly satisfying the needs of customers, thus realizing their own value. The enterprise value and shareholder value are naturally reflected.

       Innovation continuously

           The whole staff is open to the vision, effectively integrate, use the resources of all parties to keep pace with The Times, constantly innovate, constantly meet the needs of customers. 

        Focus on one thing.

         Focus on machine, add machine function, guarantee machine quality.

Enterprise Core

 people foremost

         Everyone yearns for the realization of freedom, equality and self-worth. TOUSEI believe that the core of enterprise culture is the question of people. Whether the enterprise can stay alive and vitality for a long time is the key to work in a free and democratic environment and make employees the subject of innovation.

 keep pace with the times

             Specifically, it is a complete set of concepts that adapt to the development of The Times and the development of enterprises. The cultural values of TOUSEI are constantly evolving with The Times.

Enterprise Vision

          For users, the vision of TOUSEI is to provide a more convenient and multi-functional transaction payment method for customers around the world.

        For enterprises, the vision of TOUSEI is to focus on making machines, just like growing trees and maintaining them with the heart.