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Brief introduction of scanner resolution classification

Time:2021-04-13 Views:598
Brief introduction of scanner resolution classification

As we all know, the type of bar code is not only one-dimensional, two-dimensional, but also low density and high density. The density of the bar code produced is mainly 1mil, 2mil, 3mil, 4mil and 5mil. The smaller the number, the higher the density, the more common is the latter three.In fact, in the actual production, manufacturing and commodity circulation industry, 3mil and 4mil barcodes are rarely used, because they are too small and require high printing process. It requires a carbon thermal transfer printer of more than 600DPI to print clearly. Therefore, not all barcode scanning guns can scan 3mil and 4mil barcodes.

According to the professionals in the industry, bar code scanning guns are scanning accuracy limit, high accuracy of the barcode scanner can be backward compatibility, and some of the low accuracy of bar code, but it is not the scanning accuracy is higher, the better, but should be used according to the specific application of bar code density has a corresponding resolution to select barcode scanner.In use, if the resolution of the selected bar code scanner is too high, the stain on the bar symbol, deinking and so on will also cause the reading of the bar code scanner is not successful.

The market common bar code scanner accuracy is generally common 3Mil, 4Mil and 5Mil, 5Mil resolution is approximately equal to 0.13mm, 3Mil resolution is approximately equal to 0.08mm, in general, scanning spot is the minimum space width of about 0.8 times more appropriate,General commodity barcode in the case of 0.8 amplification factor, the minimum blank size is 0.26mm.The accuracy of 3Mil is higher than that of 4Mil and 5Mil. The higher the scanning accuracy, the more expensive the corresponding barcode scanner is. When buying a barcode scanning gun, the scanning accuracy is suitable.